Advertising & Marketing Policy

Greetings from Team Law Informants!
Do you have an event, a course, a product, business or any service to promote?
Your initiative deserves the right platform so as to reach the targeted viewers and beyond! LawInformants is the ideal online platform for law students, researchers, scholars and enthusiasts acting as a bridge by connecting our viewers to the opportunities present all around. We present everything there is about Law and more!

We have dedicated professionals looking after our marketing and advertising policies. We are the fastest growing network, working relentlessly for the welfare of our collaborators. Team LawInformants operates a well-established and organised network of social media platforms including but not limited to Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Youtube.

We have a faithful subscriber base in all the Law universities and colleges across India and beyond! Team LawInformants has an unmatched presence across the legal world with dedicated students as campus ambassadors and much more!
What’s more? You will always find LawInformants providing deserved value for your money. Advertising with us is not an expense you incur, but an investment you’ll be proud of.

Ways in which you can Advertise with Law Informants

Sponsored Posts
We’ll introduce a dedicated post about your Product, Event, Course or Service which can be easily shared and popularized via a single link. One post per Event/Product/Course/Service will always be free at LawInformants. To know more, click here.

Advertisement Banners
This includes Top Banner on the home page, Side Banner on the home page, Bottom banner, Top banner within a Tab and Side Banner within a Tab and other banners. We have our platform duly organised for both mobile and desktop viewers. To know more about the plans, click here.

In Article Banner
This includes a Promotional Picture or Video playing within an article/blog/sponsored post which eventually attracts the attention of the readers. Our team ensures your Product, Event, Course, Business, Service reaches the audience in a well-structured way! We also help in creating attractive banners and fliers.

Social Media Campaigns
Team LawInformants will campaign about your Product, Event, Course, Business or Service on our various Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram) which will be eventually shared by all our Campus Ambassadors through dedicated Posts. We continue to evolve and revolutionise the way an event should be marketed!

For advertising with Law Informants, write to us at [email protected] or Call/WhatsApp:

Arjun Tyagi (63986 63373)

We understand the dynamics of any initiative including any Event, Product, Course, Business, Service. We are cognizant of problems that are unique to each of our collaborators like legal Start-ups, NGOs, Community service programs. Committing to our quest of serving the legal fraternity, we’ll be happy to hear your concerns about our plan prices, frequency of posts etc. Reach out to us at [email protected] or contact us at 6398663373 and we shall strive to bring out the best one catering to your unique needs!