Editorial Team

  1. Pareekshit Bishnoi
    (Advocate, Delhi High Court)
    An alumnus of National Law University, he’s deeply motivated to change the world through his writing skill which have gained appreciation in various National and International Journals
  2. Aditi Shrivastava
    (Senior Editor)
    (Fourth Year Student, Tamil Nadu National Law University)
    She is a Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and International Humanitarian Law enthusiast. Majoring in legal research and content writing. Random musings in between, needless to say.
  3. Pooja Bhardwaj
    (Senior Editor)
    (Final year law student, University of petroleum and energy studies)
    Blogger with keen interest in IPR and several publications.
  4. Riddhi Khandelwal
    (Associate Editor)
    (Third Year Student, National Law University, Odisha)
    She is a frequent contributor to various leading legal journals and blogs and is actively involved in legal research and writing.
  5. Kalyani Rathi
    (Associate Editor)
    (Third-year student, National Law University Odisha)
    Being passionate about writing, her publications have horizons over national and international forums.
  6. Soumya Gupta
    (Associate Editor)
    (Third-year student, The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata)
    A criminal law enthusiast, though writes articles and papers for assorted law subjects
  7. Aastha Sharma
    (Junior Editor)
    (Second year student, National Law University Odisha)
    A dedicated professional with keen interest in research and writing, her fields of interest include Human rights and International Humanitarian law.
  8. Anirudh Tyagi
    (Junior Editor)
    (Second Year, Dr. RML National Law University, Lucknow).
    A law student with a zeal to learn, discuss and apply the law. His area of interest includes International law, Criminal Law, and Commercial laws. He is a voracious reader and frequently expresses his thoughts on various contemporary subjects.
  9. Shreyaa Mohanty
    ( Junior Editor)
    ( Second Year, National Law University Odisha)
    A passionate legal enthusiast with various past editorial experiences. Her areas of interest include Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and ADR