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How To Prepare

When to start

It seems to be the first question which comes to the the mind of every UPSC aspirant. It depends upon an individual’s strength, but given the vastness of paper, one thing is quite certain it requires a minimum of 2 years preparation to get through this exam,. So an average student should start his preparation right from the end years of his graduation and if possible while studying as well.

How to start

UPSC is called Mother of all Exams. So, certainly the syllabus is vast, and over the years it has been observed that, its success rate is as low as 0.1%. So, ruthless determination is required for an individual to ace this exam. Time management is the key to succeed in this exam. Therefore, one should segregate time with subject/topic very prudently like-:
First three to four months (June- September) should be given for NCERTs and Optional subject. Optional should be selected wisely. Moreover interest is the main criteria before selection of optional.
In the next three months from (September-December) role of Newspapers and Current Affairs becomes very important. So, during these months be thorough with everything that happens in and around the world.
Now this time i.e from (December-March) should be allotted for the subjects like Ethics & Integrity, Essay Papers. And Simultaneously, revise the portion that have been done previously.
4. Finally the most crucial time i.e. from (April-June) and this period should be dedicated
for Mock Practice, Time Management and Revision.