Internship Cell Policy



  • The objective of Internship Cell of Law Informants is to bridge the gap between Interns and Advocates/ Organizations.
  • Our Internship cell aims to be ‘THE’ platform for everyone in the Legal Fraternity, to looking for Internships or looking to hire Interns.
  • Law Informants Acts as a medium to connect such people/ recruiter to bring them both on a single platform.
  • We envision to help every Individual & Organization, in advancement of its cause and career, by providing them what they are looking for.


  • Law Informants, after a collaboration with any Organization/ Advocate, will release a ‘Call for Interns’ through it’s What’s App groups, other social media handles like, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. the opportunities shall also be posted on the website-Click here to access.
  • Any candidate, interested in such Internship opportunity, may apply by filling out the Form attached with the Internship Call. The Interns will be required to submit a CV and a Cover Letter as well.
  • After evaluation, the Applications will be sent to the Recruiter, after whose confirmation, the Candidate will be allotted that Internship.
  • Kindly note, that mere submission of CV or Cover Letter or submission of the Google form, DOES NOT GUARANTEE any applicant his/her, desired Internship.
  • After a candidate’s application and Internship slot is confirmed, the candidate is notified through email and/or other communication format, all the details.
  • Law Informants expects its candidates to be completely disciplined and show complete professional behavior at all time, during the course of the Internship.
  • If after allotment of an Internship, the candidate, does any or all of the following –
    i) Rejects the Internship allotted to him/her,
    ii) Remains absent for a major/ significant portion of the Internship,
    iii) Shows any indecent/ inappropriate/ unprofessional behavior during his/her term of the Internship
    Then he/she may be blacklisted by Law Informants, and will not be issued any certificate of Internship and will not be eligible for any future benefits or programs of Law Informants.


  • Our Internship Cell works ensures we provide the recruiter with the most suitable Interns, they shall need in their works, and save the time that is spend in scanning of hundreds of Applications.
  • The Team contacts such Recruiters, looking to hire Interns, more specifically for Law/ Legal related works.
  • Law Informants, after an agreed collaboration with any Organization/ Advocate, contacts the recruiter for further details.
  • Law Informants shall then, within a reasonable duration, share with the Organization, selected Applications of Interns (Resumes).
  • Internship Cell members carefully examine each application before finalizing them.
  • The candidates applying for that Internship are, evaluated at 2 different stages by our team, followed by a personal interview/ or as the requirement may be.
  • The Organization, once approves the Interns, the applications shall be considered final and Interns shall be provided to the Organization.
  • Any other details/ information/ changes in the Policy or working protocols, shall be discussed or communicated with the Recruiter via email or telephonic communication or both, if it is deemed necessary.
  • The Organization may also submit to Law Informants an optional feedback form that will be sent to the official email id, mentioning the performance of Interns, after the end of their Internship terms.

Although Law Informants, takes proper care before sending the final applications to the Advocate/ Organization, and strives to its best efforts to make sure, the Recruiter is getting suitable candidates, according to its work. Kindly note the following-

  • It is to be understood, that Law Informants DOES NOT GUARANTEE, in any way, that such candidates as provided by us, will deliver the work of exact nature as asked by such Advocate/ Organization.
    student/ Intern’s behaviour during the course of the Internship and hence cannot be held liable or blamed for any such action or statement as made by that Intern, during the course of the Internship.
  • Law Informants upon acknowledgement of any such misconduct, after careful examination of the situation, shall take strict action against such Intern(s).
  • Law Informants, only acts as a medium to connect Students who are looking for Internships and Advocates/Organizations offering such Internships.
  • Law Informants, work and responsibility are only limited to the formalities relating to the allotment of Interns and Internship, and do not extend to or interfere in the working of the Interns or Organization or Advocate during the course of the Internship.


  • In the following points, the Term Hard Copy Certificate would mean a Physical Certificate, mentioning the required details and a Soft Copy Certificate, would mean a Digital Certificate.
  • In case, the Organization offers an Online (Virtual) Internship program, the Certificate given to the candidates shall be a Digital Certificate only, and no Physical Copy of the Certificate is to be required to be given to the Intern.
  • In case, the Organization provides an Offline (Physical) Internship Program, the Certificate given to the candidates may be only a Hard Copy Certificate or only a Soft copy Certificate, or both, depending upon the format discussed in Advance with the Organization.
  • The Organization in case of an Offline Internship, shall hand out the certificates to the Interns on the completion of a candidate’s Internship.
  • However, a digital/ scanned copy of the complete certificate shall be required to be sent to Law Informants, before providing it to the Intern, via prescribed mode of communication.
  • The Content, Format and Style of the Certificates (both Digital and Hard Copy) shall be discussed with the Law Informants after allotment of Interns and before the allotment of such certificate/s.
  • Any Certificate, being provided to the Intern, must include, a reference number, that will be decided by Law Informants, that shall be necessarily required to be printed on the Certificate.
  • Any such Certificate, without the Reference number, will not be valid.


  • The certificate to be provided to the interns in case of an Internship done under an Advocate maybe Hard-Copy Certificate or Soft Copy Certificate, depending upon the Advocate’s Consent to Provide to Law Informants a Digital Signature that shall be solely used by Law Informants for the designated purpose and the mode of Internship, whether, offline or online.
  • In case of an Offline (Physical) Internship, the candidate, shall then be issued, an incomplete digital certificate of Internship, bearing the signature of the founder and/or a partner of Law Informants or whoever maybe decided.
  • The incomplete certificate mentioned in previous section, shall not include the Signature of the Advocate, the space for such shall be left blank.
  • The Advocate, on the last day of a candidate’s internship will be required to mark his signature on the Certificate, if the Intern has completed his Internship. It is only then, that the certificate will be considered valid.
  • In case an Advocate wishes to offer an Online (Virtual) Internship to candidates, he/she shall be necessarily required to submit to Law Informants, his digital/ scanned signature, that shall only be used on the certificate of internship, provided to his/her Interns, after the Advocate’s approval.
  • In case of an Online (Virtual) Internship, the Intern will be issued a complete and a valid, Certificate, after the successful completion of the Internship.
  • Any Certificate, being provided to the Intern, must include, a reference number, that will be decided by Law Informants, that shall be necessarily required to be printed on the Certificate.
  • Any such Certificate, without the Reference number, will not be valid.
NOTE: – Law Informants, contacts NGOs, Organizations, Advocates and Law Firms on regular basis, for such internship vacancies, any such group or individual, accepting our offer, through any mode of communication would have been assumed to have read and agreed with our Internship Policy.


EMAIL ID: [email protected]

Contact number: 9648705077 (Kanishq Mishra | HOD | Internship Cell)