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Why CS with Law?

Once you get admission in a law school, you get a lot of time to explore many opportunities. Such opportunities can be in the form of pursuing certificate courses, diplomas, professional courses, etc. One such opportunity is pursuing the Company Secretaryship (CS) course while pursuing law. 

In a law school, not much heed is paid towards company-related laws. The course is usually pursued by students in order to get an in-depth understanding of laws affecting a company. For instance, Company law is taught within three months in order to finish the semester. Therefore, the students who find interest in the same, love to find ways to get in-depth and practical understanding of the subject, thus the CS course. While the subjects are taught in a rush in law schools, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) provides for well-structured three stages (Foundation, Executive and Professional) mechanism to become a CS. The organisation and link among subjects at different stages make the work of a student quite easy as the level of difficulty increases gradually.

Further, it’s not only the in-depth understanding and knowledge of subjects but also a student pursuing CS gets an added advantage in terms of placement and recruitment. Banks, private companies, financial institutions, department of company affairs or other regulatory bodies look for persons having knowledge of laws affecting a company, thus law students who have done CS course as well get priority. Furthermore, recently RBI has made it mandatory for every bank to appoint a CS. So, it can be reasonably deciphered that there is a demand for a CS in the industry.

Although, it may seem rosy to pursue the course and get a competitive edge while recruitment, there are also challenges which a student might face. The biggest challenge students face is the managing of time between college studies, co-curricular, extracurricular activities and study for CS subjects. If one is a commerce student, the course becomes easy to handle, yet even if one is a science student the course can be easily managed. As the subjects in CS are more or less same (at least 40%) to what is taught in a law school, a student through proper strategy and schedule can easily conquer the CS and college exams with a decent percentile. 

Some relevant links: (CS foundation has now been converted to CSEET, please check for the same here)

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